Kristi Saadieh

Kristi Saadieh


Meet Kristi Saadieh, a woman with a captivating journey that led her to her true passion—real estate.

Growing up on a ranch in Napa Valley, Kristi's love for horses bloomed, creating an unbreakable bond with these majestic creatures. With a bachelor's degree in information technology and security systems, she ventured into the heart of Silicon Valley alongside her husband, Bobby Saadieh, a seasoned 20-year veteran in real estate financing.

Kristi's exceptional skills in customer relations, honed during her 20-year tenure at Kaiser Permanente, further enriched her understanding of people's needs and desires. As life unfolded, the Saadieh family discovered their new home in the South Corridor of Silicon Valley, nestled amidst the charms of Morgan Hill. In this full-circle moment, Kristi's daughter inherited her love for horses, making their Morgan Hill property feel like destiny.

During the process of finding their family residence, Real estate ignited a newfound passion in her heart, propelling her to dive deeper into this captivating industry. Today, she proudly joins forces with the David Zaria group, powered by Compass, with a mission to provide you with an unparalleled world-class real estate experience.

Allow Kristi Saadieh to guide you home. With her genuine care, exceptional expertise, and profound understanding of what truly matters, she is dedicated to finding the perfect spacewhere you can create cherished memories and live the life of your dreams.

Experience the warmth of a family-oriented real estate professional who will treat you like one of her own. Let Kristi be your trusted partner on this exciting journey. Together, you will embark on a seamless and fulfilling path to your new home. Welcome to a world-class real estate experience, guided by Kristi Saadieh.

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David possesses an exceptional understanding of client service dynamics and works on both the sell and buy-side transactions with efficiency and ease. As his client, you will benefit from his excellent negotiation skills, his diverse real estate experience, as well as his excellent attention to your specific real estate needs and concerns.
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